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Align with Montserrat

Hospital Management Services

Montserrat Day Hospitals can provide management services to your existing or planned Day Surgery.

If you are in one of the following categories, we may be able to assist:

  • You are interested in setting up a Day Hospital with a Group of Specialists;
  • Your currently own and operate a Day Hospital and are struggling with compliance and structure; or
  • You are struggling with the requirements imposed by the new National Standards.

Over the past 15 years Montserrat have invested considerable time and money creating a ‘system’ that can be overlaid on a new or existing facility.

Small Day Surgeries struggle with compliance. The reality is that every day before the front doors open, you will need the following people: CEO/Manager, Director of Clinical Services (or similar), Risk Quality & Safety Manager (or similar), Debtors Clerk, Creditors Clerk, Finance Manager (Accountant) and a host of other policies and procedures. The proliferation of Day Surgeries see many being subsidised by the Surgeon/Owners.

Our system employs some core elements, which can be tailored to various surgically focused Day Surgeries:

  • Bookings, Billings and Record Management;
  • Standardised Branding Guidelines;
  • Electronic Dissemination of Policy;
  • Ongoing incident tracking and management;
  • Committee Structure;
  • Clinical Pathways.

The above can be engaged or overlaid as an entire package. Alternatively, for those facilities struggling with Clinical Pathways we have developed a package that may be adapted to meet your Surgery.

Please note we do not provide consulting services but rather a Hospital Operating Solution.

If you are interested in discussing any of the above please contact our CEO, Ben Korst on 0423 397 565

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