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Key People

Key Management

Jamie Mann-Farrar General Manager / Director of Nursing

Jamie brings over 22 years of healthcare experience to Westside Private, enriching our hospital with his passion for adding value to business operations, enhancing patient experiences, and boosting team performance. Jamie is well-known for his expertise in perioperative workforce development and upholds the principles that “we lead by lifting” and “caring for those providing care.”

With an extensive academic background and numerous qualifications in health management and leadership roles, Jamie is focused on excellence in patient care and operational efficiency at Westside Private.

Jamie’s proven track record of improving patient outcomes and streamlining processes makes him a valuable asset to our team. His commitment to fostering a positive work environment and continuous improvement aligns perfectly with Westside’s mission of delivering high-quality healthcare services. Jamie’s vast experience and forward-thinking methods make him an invaluable asset to our healthcare teams.

Under Jamie’s leadership, Westside Private Hospital has a clear direction to deliver impressive patient outcomes and a comprehensive service for our specialists.

Jamie is a recreational pilot and an advanced open-water scuba diver outside of work. “These activities taught me to be methodical, risk-averse, and situationally aware”, says Jamie.

Michelle Somlyay Operations Director, Queensland

Michelle believes that exceptional patient care and experience go beyond simply meeting expectations – it’s about surpassing them from the patient’s perspective. She holds firm that patient advocacy and centred care are fundamental to healthcare delivery.

Michelle’s healthcare career, which began in the 1980s, was sparked by her early interest in the field. Now, four decades later, Michelle has numerous Nursing Degrees, a Master of Business Administration, and has completed the AICD Directors Course. Her strategic management experience spans operations, finance, clinical, and administrative sectors, ensuring patient care remains at the core of every position she undertakes, no matter the constraints.

Over the past 15 years, she has held executive roles across the clinical and commercial sectors. Her clinical expertise and sharp commercial acumen, ensure that patient outcomes remain the priority as she navigates business growth. This dedication to enhancing patient care deeply resonates with the Nexus values, reflecting a commitment to doing more great things for patients.

As Queensland’s Operations Director, Michelle’s daily mantra, “Listen, Learn, Lead,” ensures she attentively captures her team’s insights, continuously expands her knowledge, and skilfully steers operations towards excellence.<

Margaret Kenny Clinical Operational & Excellence Director

Margaret is a Registered Nurse who has held senior executive positions for over 15 years with proven expertise in clinical, strategic and operational management in the private sector in Queensland and New South Wales. Margaret has a strong background in clinical governance, workforce planning, patient focused engagement, change management and development of new services.

Margaret considers herself privileged with the many opportunities she’s had to analyse health models overseas and develop new or evolve existing health services in Brisbane, all the whilst strengthening partnerships with doctors, staff and the community. Margaret’s career highlight was developing a new maternity service in Brisbane which took 2 years of planning but was a success for all involved with strong doctor, staff, and community engagement, reflecting on the first health babies born at the facility which is now a school.

Margaret has managed the start-up and growth of oncology centres, commissioning new developments and delivering innovative ways to deliver the best patient focused, clinical care. Margaret is passionate about patient care and developing the nurses of the future, providing opportunities for our nurses to grow and reach their full potential in service excellence through respect, integrity, innovation and compassion.

James Scott Business Development Director

James has extensive experience in healthcare spanning over 20 years across allied health, research, and medical technology. James has worked with a unique blend of large and small corporate companies, including medical tech start-ups, always with an eye for technical and system innovation advancing patient care, and healthcare outcomes.

With a profound belief that healthcare delivery can be reimagined to provide greater value and equity, James enjoys working in a team environment focused on the transformation of the health of individuals and communities.

As Business Development Director for Queensland, James works closely with our specialists and hospital leaders to help build and understand the needs of our shared patient and referrer bases, building a platform to attract more like-minded doctors, and driving continuous improvement to the Westside Private patient experience.

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