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Key People

Key Management

Nadia McCarthy Business Manager – Westside Private

Commencing with the Montserrat group in 2012 whilst undergoing her Bachelor Degrees, Nadia initially began in the Call Centre and moved throughout roles in the business into her current role as Business Manager at Westside. This variation in her role has allowed Nadia a wide view of the daily operations of the business which in turn allows her to influence change across the business to ensure staffing & patient efficiencies are possible.

From late 2018 Nadia moved into the Business Manager role of Westside Private Hospital, assisting in the daily running and theatre scheduling of Westside Private Hospital.

Nadia’s background ensures she is able to be involved in a number of group-wide projects in addition to her responsibilities at Westside as the Montserrat group expands Nationally.

Margaret Kenny Chief Nurse

Margaret is a Registered Nurse who has held senior executive positions for over 15 years with proven expertise in clinical, strategic and operational management in the private sector in Queensland and New South Wales. Margaret has a strong background in clinical governance, workforce planning, patient focused engagement, change management and development of new services.

Margaret considers herself privileged with the many opportunities she’s had to analyse health models overseas and develop new or evolve existing health services in Brisbane, all the whilst strengthening partnerships with doctors, staff and the community. Margaret’s career highlight was developing a new maternity service in Brisbane which took 2 years of planning but was a success for all involved with strong doctor, staff, and community engagement, reflecting on the first health babies born at the facility which is now a school.

Margaret has managed the start-up and growth of oncology centres, commissioning new developments and delivering innovative ways to deliver the best patient focused, clinical care. Margaret is patient care and about developing the nurses of the future, providing opportunities for our nurses to grow and reach their full potential in service excellence through respect, integrity, innovation and compassion.

Ken Hilliard Business Development Manager B Med Sc

Ken has over 17 years’ experience in the medical industry and brings a natural leadership and a strong understanding of the Private healthcare sector to his position as Business Development Manager at Montserrat Hospitals.

Prior to joining Montserrat Ken held a number of senior positions and has experience in Hospitals, cancer services, Pathology and Radiology.  Ken believes in relationship building with a strong focus on strategic planning and positive marketing outcomes. He has a passion for creating partnerships with doctors who are looking at entering the private space and experience in Doctor recruitment, marketing, promotions and hospital Mergers & Acquisitions.

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