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New “No-Gap” Joint Replacements For Medibank Patients at Westside Private Hospital

More than 65,000 knee replacement surgeries are performed in Australia each year, with the number of hip replacements following close behind. Joint replacement procedures are improving the quality of life of thousands of Australians and with an ageing population, the need for joint replacements is only expected to increase.

With our new “no-gap” joint replacement surgery, Westside Private Hospital and the private insurance provider Medibank are now taking an important step towards making joint replacement surgeries more accessible to eligible patients in Queensland.

The no gap joint replacement program enables eligible Medibank members to access joint replacement surgery with Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr Cameron Cooke. If eligible, no out-of-pocket medical costs will occur for joint replacement, including hip and knee replacement surgeries. *Terms and conditions apply

Thanks to the “no-gap” program, more than half a million Medibank customers across Australia will be eligible to save on average $1,500 in out-of-pocket costs on their joint replacements.

The increasing customer demand was one of the main drivers behind the decision of bringing the “no-gap” program to Westside Private Hospital.

“The no-gap joint replacement program is providing many of our customers with greater choice and control when it comes to how and where they access healthcare and what it will cost,” Medibank Chief Executive Officer David Koczkar explains.

“By working with our hospital and doctor partners to support these new options, customers can pay no out-of-pocket medical costs, and can choose the healthcare that suits their needs in consultation with their doctor,” Mr Koczkar said.

As the exclusive provider of Medibank’s “no-gap” joint replacements in Queensland, Westside Private Hospital is proud to put patients back in control of their health – and get them back on their feet faster.

What does the Medibank “no-gap” joint replacement program cover?

With the “no-gap” joint replacement program, Medibank and Westside Private remove all out-of-pocket costs associated with knee, hip and shoulder joint replacement surgeries with Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Cameron Cooke alongside our team of anaesthetists and surgical assistants.

Eligible Medibank members pay no out-of-pocket costs* on the following services:

  • Pre-admission joint assessment and education
  • Joint replacement surgery including all theatre costs
  • The cost of the prosthesis (artificial joint)
  • Anaesthetist costs
  • Assistant surgeon costs
  • Hospital accommodation
  • Diagnostic tests and scans

If clinically appropriate, eligible patients may also receive rehabilitation in the comfort of their own homes.

Your Joint Replacement Surgeon, Dr Cameron Cooke

Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Cameron Cooke leads our No Gap Joint Replacement program at Westside Private Hospital, performing hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgery for patients. Dr Cooke is dedicated to helping patients relieve lower limb pain and regain mobility, specialising in Adult Hip and Knee Replacements, along with sports knee surgery, reconstructive and robotic surgery.

Raised in Brisbane, he completed both his medical degree (1992) and advanced surgical training in Orthopaedic Surgery in Queensland (2001).  Cameron went onto further advanced sub-speciality training in joint replacement and orthopaedic trauma in Sydney, Vancouver in Canada and Sheffield in the UK.

Since establishing his private practice in 2005, Dr Cameron Cooke has continued to focus on the management of all hip and knee conditions and sports injuries, undertaking further training in the anterior approach to hip replacement, as well as management of orthopaedic trauma of the lower limb and the provision of objective medicolegal reporting.  He enjoys continuing to learn and develop his skills and sharing his knowledge and expertise by both attending and presenting at numerous Australian and international orthopaedic conferences.

Along with his private practice he is the Director of Orthopaedics at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. In his role, he has established a hip fracture service and maintains his interest in high energy trauma and complex hip and knee replacement surgeries. He regularly lectures both in Australia and overseas.

“No-gap” joint replacement – What to expect

In cooperation with Medibank, Westside Private has designed this program led by Dr Cameron Cooke to provide members with more choice and transparency when undergoing a joint replacement in Brisbane.

Eligible Medibank members receive additional support both before and after their joint replacement surgery. This may include physiotherapy and allied health deemed necessary by our treating doctors.

Dr Cameron Cooke will work with you to determine the best treatment approach. Contact Dr Cooke’s private practice on the details below for further information and to book a consultation:

Bendo Orthopaedics
1300 236 348 

Interested in gap-free joint replacement surgery?

  • Check your cover To access “no-gap” joint replacements, patients must meet the following requirements:
  • They must have Medibank hospital cover that includes joint replacements
  • They must have served all applicable waiting periods
  • The treatment must be clinically appropriate

Please call Medibank at 1300 733 338 to check your eligibility and level of cover.

  • Contact Bendo Orthopaedics on 1300 236 348 Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, Dr Cameron Cooke will work with you to decide if a joint replacement is in fact right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the most common joint replacement surgeries? Hip and knee replacements are the most commonly performed joint replacement surgeries in Australia. Replacement surgery can also be performed on other joints, including shoulder joints, ankles, wrists and elbows.
  • How much do joint replacements cost? Without private health cover, knee replacements can cost anywhere between $18,000 to $30,000, hip replacements easily range from $19,000 to $42,000. The average out-of-pocket cost charged for joint replacements for privately insured patients with Medibank is around $1,500, but rarely more than $3,000

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