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Open Access Endoscopy

Open Access Consultants

Open Access Endoscopy is a method that has been developed over the past 20 years, both in Australia and World Wide
that allows patients access to Specialists without the need for consultation, and allows the patients primary health
provider (the GP) the ability to retain control over that patient’s health care needs.

How is Open Access Endoscopy different to the normal GP to Specialists Referral Pathway?

  • No initial consultation
    The patient doesn’t require an initial consultation with the Specialist, as long as they meet our admission criteria, they are able to be booked directly for a procedure date. If they have any co-morbidities they will be required to attend a consultation first
  • The GP retains control
    In a normal referral to Specialist process the Specialist may take over the control of the patient from the point the patient sees him or her. In Open Access the results of the Endoscopy are provided to the GP immediately after the procedure (within 24 hours electronically) and to the patient upon discharge. We record all Montserrat Endoscopy procedures to ensure we meet GENCA guidelines on withdrawal times and that both you and the patient can have confidence that everything that was supposed to be seen or removed was seen and removed
  • Reduced Cost
    As an appointment with the Specialist isn’t required, in most cases the cost to the patient is reduced
  • Time to Diagnosis
    Patients who are referred via the Open Access channel, can be seen within 14 days. This process is often significantly longer if a consult needs to occur in the non-Open Access methods

What are the key points about Montserrat’s Open Access service?

  • We record every procedure, not just photo snaps
  • Both Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy are performed under the Open Access service
  • We have an electronic system of ensuring patients recalls are sent physically to the patient and electronically to the GP
  • We have multiple Gastroenterologist’s and General Surgeons, so we can provide ready access and continuity of care when surgical intervention is required
  • We fully assess every patient from the initial phone conversation, and later via an in-person preparation appointment with a nurse pre-procedure
  • We have industry leading benchmark detection and satisfaction rates, and have ISO Accreditation
  • All of our Specialists provide Consulting Services at our various locations
  • All of our Montserrat facilities are easy access with FREE patient parking

How do I refer a patient?

  1. Our Open Access Referral Pad – just fax (07) 3833 6740 or email (
  2. Provide a referral to the patient and have them call us on (07) 3833 6701
  3. Provide an Electronic Referral via Medical Objects to Provider No: CM40000007H
  4. Call our GP Hotline on (07) 3833 6788 for immediate assistance

If you would like to access the timetable and profiles of our current Gastroenterologists who offer Open Access, please visit our Gastroenterology and Endoscopy page

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