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  • Rapid access for specialist review and treatment
  • Prompt multi-disciplinary review
  • Next day surgery – return home within 1-2 days following surgery
  • World class Hospital
  • Onsite Mohs laboratory
  • Adjuvant oncology therapy can be provided onsite if required
  • Onsite Hotel (access to PTSS)

Managing Complex Skin Cancers

Quickly and Efficiently

Westside Private Skin Cancer Clinic has been created to help General practitioners and patients manage complex skin cancer cases. Specialists Dr Adam Quinn, Dr Christopher Stewart and Dr Drew Cronin have come together each with unique set of skills, working as a multidisciplinary team to provide comprehensive management of all cutaneous malignancies based at Westside Private Hospital.

Westside Private is a world class facility designed to maximise the patient’s convenience, and this services takes full advantage of this. Our consulting suites are situated above the Hospital and the Hotel is within the building allowing patients and family not from Brisbane to stay at an affordable accommodation while treatment occurs.

Team of skin cancer excision and reconstructive specialists

Dr Adam Quinn

MBBS FACD Dermatologist & Mohs Micrographic Surgeon

Dr Quinn’s areas of expertise include;

  • Skin Cancer
  • Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Dr Drew Cronin

BSc. MBBS FRACS (Plast.)
Plastic Surgeon

Areas of Interest and expertise include:

  • Skin cancer excision and reconstruction
  • Head and neck cancer reconstruction

Dr Christopher Stewart


Subspecialist oculoplastic/adnexal surgeon as well as a general ophthalmologist with expertise in:

  • Eyelid malposition surgery
  • Periocular reconstructive surgery
  • Lacrimal/watery eye surgery
  • Orbital surgery

How does the service work?

  • Prospective patients are referred to the service with photo and biopsy result if possible
  • 2 week treatment time from receipt of referral
  • Upcoming referrals are discussed amongst the team to determine appointment planning and involvement required
  • Preoperative appointments are arranged, and any additional test organised
  • Surgery including excision and reconstruction is performed the following day after the consultation
  • Patients are usually able to return home within 1-2 days following surgery if not from the Brisbane area

Essence Medi Suites participates as an accommodation provider for patients accessing the Queensland Health Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme; providing affordable onsite accommodation to patients of Westside Skin Cancer Clinic. The Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme provides financial assistance for eligible patients to access specialist medical services that are not available locally.

For more information please phone: 07 3556 5000.

What does it cost?

The Westside Skin Cancer Clinic is designed to keep the overall surgical costs to the patients at a minimum, both for insured and uninsured patients. All surgery is performed at known gap rates, and the costs of accommodation in the Essence suites is significantly less than a typical nightly rates in the private hospital system. Patient’s fees are limited to:

  • Applicable Hospital excess per health policy
  • All procedural fees capped at $500 per specialists involved
  • Travel costs including hotel accommodation may be subsidised under the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTSS)







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