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Brisbane Hernia Clinic

The Brisbane Hernia Clinic operate across Gaythorne, Indooroopilly & North Lakes on a rotation every Tuesday. The clinic is fronted by Dr Lindsay Watson who has been a GP for over 10 years.

A Hernia occurs when the inside layers of the abdominal wall have weakened, resulting in a bulge or tear. In the same way that an inner tube passes through a hole or break in a tyre, the inner lining of the abdominal cavity pushes through the abdominal wall to form a small balloon like sac. This can allow bowel or other abdominal contents to push through into the sac. This is a hernia.

The hernia can result in severe pain and even require emergency surgery due to trapped bowel. Both men and women can have a hernia.

Some people are born with a hernia or defect while some develop it due to wear and tear.

A hernia does not get better over time, nor will it go away by itself. They generally get bigger and cause greater problems while being more complex to repair.

The Brisbane Hernia Clinic provides world class cutting-edge techniques in all aspects of hernia repair.

Our Doctors are experienced in assessing and repairing the simplest to the most complex hernia.

Patients can be assessed at multiple convenient sites throughout Brisbane with surgery often performed close to home.

Types of Hernia’s Treated Include:


  • Inguinal (Groin)
  • Umbilical (Belly Button)
  • Epigastric (above the belly button)
  • Ventral (Generally larger abdominal wall hernia)
  • Incisional (at site of previous surgery or incision)
  • Femoral ( in the upper leg/lower groin)


  • Obturator ( deep in the pelvis)
  • Lumbar ( in the back)
  • Spigelian ( lower abdomen)
  • Pfannenstiel (through Caesar or hysterectomy scar)

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