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Digestive Health Clinic

Appointments & further information please call (07) 3833 6701

All Montserrat Gastroenterologists provide consulting services as outlined in the below table. Please note we have now have Gatroenterologists providing services from Albert Street (consulting only), Indooroopilly, Gaythorne, Ipswich & North Lakes:

Specialist Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Dr Cliona Maguire GA GA/CBD GA GA
Dr Derwin Williams IN IN/IPS IN IN
Dr Mark Norrie IN IN IN IN
Dr Sam Islam IN IN NL
Dr Rebecca Ryan IN GA IN IN
Dr Terrence Tan IN/IPS IN
Dr Antony Pan IN/NL IN
Dr Naeem Khan NL
Dr Daniel Mehanna NL IN
Dr Hugh McGregor NL GA*


IN – Indooroopilly, GA – Gaythorne, IPS – Ipswich, CBD – Albert St (Consulting), NL – North Lakes
*Monthly only
Saturdays alternate between the specialist listed above.

For information relating to procedural lists please click here: http://montserrat.cnscloud.io/gastroscopy-colonoscopy.html

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