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About Your Procedure

About your Procedure

You will be provided with the initial information over the phone and via email (if you provide an email address) at the time of scheduling your appointment and depending on what procedure you are booked for, you will have received more information in paper copy via email or at your prep appointment from the nurse.

If there is anything you have not been advised or you are unsure of, please contact our bookings team on 07 3833 6701 or via email at bookings@montserrat.com.au

Regardless of what you have been booked for, you will receive a copy of the Patient Information Brochure, which can also be downloaded.

Before your arrive:

Unless you have recently had a consultation with one of our specialists, the Australian Healthcare System requires that all Australian citizens and visitors with Medicare entitlements have a current referral from your GP prior to booking your procedure. It is also the preference of our surgeons so they can ensure you are treated appropriate based on your individual medical situation.

Your referral will:

  • Indicate the procedure/s required and outline the reason for the procedure
  • Allow Medicare to provide payment for its share of the fees

It is important to provide the referral prior to your visit or to bring the referral with your at your first physical appointment.

If you are a non-Australian patient and don’t have a Medicare entitlement, a referral is not strictly necessary, however our Specialists do recommend you visit a GP first to ensure you are directed to the correct specialist for you individual needs.

Medical, Surgical and Family History

Prior to any appointment at Montserrat, you will need to complete a health assessment. This can be done online by clicking here or in person on the day of your first appointment. This form is required to ensure you receive the appropriate care. If you are a returning guest, you will need to complete a new Health Assessment every 12 months. Ensure you check all existing printed information is correct and that you complete all other sections.

Colds or Illness

As the anaesthetic is intravenous and short of duration, colds generally do not prevent the procedure from being performed at the time planned, however it is recommended you speak with one of our nurses just to be sure.

Appointment Time

When making an appointment, you will be given an appointment and arrival time. These are only tentative until 2 days prior to the appointment when we reconfirm. We try our best to keep your appointment at the initial time however there are factors that can affect this such as last minute cancellations or medical reasons. We ask that you set aside the entire day of your procedure to account for these possible time changes and your recovery time.

Appointment Confirmation

Two days prior to when you are due to have your procedure, a member of our Bookings team will contact you to confirm the arrival time of your procedure (in case there have been changes) and also to let you know that costs associated with your procedure, dependent on your individual situation. Montserrat has a strict Pre-Payment policy where all amounts are due for payment at the time of this call to ensure all patients are confirmed and this isn’t required to be settled on the day, so you can focus on your admission. If you are unable to proceed, we can certainly refund any amounts pre-paid.

If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please phone our bookings team as early as possible on 07 3833 6701 or via email on bookings@montserrat.com.au

On the day of the procedure

What to Wear

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and low-heeled shoes. You will be given the option to wear a gown but most often the procedure is performed whilst you are in your civilian clothes. If you wear contact lenses (which you remove at night), these will need to be removed before the procedure. Please do not wear jewellery, apart from your wedding ring. We recommend that you don’t bring any valuables with you on the day.

What to Bring

If any of your regular medications (insulin, asthma sprays, eye drops, heart medication etc.) are due during the time you will be with us, please bring these with you. You should also bring any aids you require (such as glasses or hearing aids).

If you haven’t pre-paid for your appointment for any reason, please bring along a form of payment.

The Procedure

On arrival, you will be greeted by the reception staff who will check that your admission details are complete and provide you with the necessary documents that require reading and signing. A nurse will then accompany you to the clinical area where they will make you comfortable and get you ready. You will then meet the Anaesthetist and Specialist. They will briefly review your medical history, examine you and answer your questions prior to the procedure.

You will be asked to provide consent to the treatment by signature (if you have not already done so). It is your right to request further details or clarification of your procedure, or to cancel at any time.

Procedure Times

Whilst we always endeavour to meet the procedure time scheduled, we can’t guarantee this. Delays can arise due to issues including:

  • Complications with a patient
  • Additional time required for more extensive investigation
  • Counselling patients and their families

In the event of delays, we ask that you be understanding as we believe you would want our doctors and staff to take the time to provide you with a better procedural outcome. If there are delays, the reception staff will keep you updated as to the expected time you will go through.

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