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Our Quality Commitment

Montserrat Day Hospitals has established a robust Risk and Quality Management Culture within the Organisation to assist all staff in implementing sound risk management practices that eliminate or minimise potential hazards.

This commitment adds value to the business operations of the facility and enhances the quality of service offered by our Organisation to our community.

Montserrat seeks to actively achieve this by:

  • Establishing and maintaining a Quality Management System in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001.2015
  • Encouraging all people to integrate quality management into the way they work and promote its application as a method for continual improvement within their area of responsibility
  • Promoting the culture of continual quality improvements and the philosophy of getting things “right first time”
  • Promoting the quality management systems and ensuring implementation is achieved by internal auditing, management review, corrective and preventive action and reporting outcomes
  • Encouraging all staff to report risks, hazards, incidents through the electronic Risk Management Reporting System. This includes clinical and business risks, hazard reporting, corrective action, auditing clinical indicator and quality improvement strategies
  • Enhancing the skills of management and staff through review and actively pursuing an on-going training policy, the objective of which is to prepare staff to perform their work more effectively and safely

And in doing so, support the vision, mission and values of the Organisation.

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