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Payment Information

All patients having a procedure at a Montserrat hospital are required to pay their costs prior to their procedure occurring. This will include the cost for your hospital admission but usually excludes the Specialist and Anaesthetist whom you will normally receive separate bills for. You will be advised when booking in whether your fees are inclusive of Specialist, Anaesthetist and Hospital or not.

Privately Insured Patients

Montserrat is a “Simplified Billing” Hospital. You will be informed prior to the procedure of all out-of-pocket expenses. Simplified Billing means that, with your consent, the accounts for your procedures will be sent to the relevant health funds. Please note, this will not apply for certain procedure types.

If you are adequately covered by your private health fund, the account will be settled with them. If you are not fully covered, you will be asked for payment in advance, which is in excess of the benefit payable.

Please be aware that due to the varied number of funds and policies, there are a lot of policies in existence that do not cover all costs associated with the Hospital and Medical services.

External costs may also apply and include such things as pathology, x-rays etc. and we have no control over these costs and whether they will arise.


Q. What is an excess?

A. An excess is imposed by your health fund and is typically selected by your when you joined you fund. The excess contributes to the initial cost of a procedure. Due to the varied health funds and policies, we are unable to advise what it will be any sooner than 48 hours out from your procedure. This excess is similar to that you would pay for your car insurance or home & contents insurance.

Q. What is a co-payment?

A. A co-payment is imposed by your health fund as a contribution by your various costs associated with certain types of procedures. Once again, this is dependent on the fund and level of cover so you will have to investigate this matter with your fund.

Q. What is an Out-Of-Pocket Expense?

A. An out-of-pocket expense is imposed by the Hospital provider (Montserrat). This is charged in instances where we do not have a formal agreement with a health fund, and are entitled to do so on our Tier 2 Agreement with a fund.

Theatre Time

The theatre fees are payable based on an estimate of time in theatre made by your surgeon prior to your admission. If the time in theatre exceeds the estimate then additional charges will be applied. This is primarily determined by the time taken by the Surgeon to complete the procedure. You will need to supply a credit card number on your Financial Consent to account for this. We never charge this card for the additional amounts without speaking to you first.

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